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Updated:March 31, 2020


Paragliding   パラグライダー

Experience the Thrill of Gliding over the Beautiful Kameoka Valley

Kameoka is located in a large basin created by the surrounding mountains. Paragliders take flight from Saburōgadake (三郎ヶ岳) which stands 600 meters tall in the northern region of Kameoka and enjoy the full view of the mountain scenery.

Visitors who come to Kameoka on a clear day will probably see paragliders floating in the sky. If the weather prevails, paragliders can walk on air from Yagi in neighboring Nantan City all the way to Hozukyō. Paragliders can even watch other visitors enjoying the Hozu River Boat Ride and the Torokko Ressha Romantic Train from the sky.

First timers will undergo a detailed training session or participants can choose to ride tandem with an instructor so there is no need to worry about not having experience.

Paraglider Companies

Birds Paraglider School (バーズパラグライダースクール)


kameoka-shi chitose-chō chitose kitataniyama

TEL: 090-2285-7243

EMAIL: birdspara@gmail.com (Email inquiries in English okay)

http://birds-para.com/(外部サイトへリンク) (Japanese only)


英語でのお問い合わせは、亀岡市役所の 文化国際課の 国際交流員(CIR)へ
English Contact: CIR (kokusai koryuin)
Office: Bunka Kokusai Ka (文化国際課), Kameoka City Hall, 5F
TEL: 0771-55-9655
E-Mail: bunka-kokusai@city.kameoka.lg.jp

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