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Updated:March 31, 2020


7 Lucky Gods Pilgrimage of Tamba    丹波七福神めぐり 

The 7 Lucky Gods Pilgrimage of Tamba (丹波七福神めぐり tamba shichi fukujin meguri)offers scenic views of the Kameoka valley as you visit seven temples dedicated to the seven lucky gods (shichi fukujin). The path from the first temple, Jinnōji 神応寺 (じのおうじ), to the seventh temple, Tōkōji  東光寺 (とうこうじ), is approximately 4 km. Starting from JR Kameoka Station increases the walking distance to 7 km and takes about 2 hours on a well-traveled hiking path. Rounding out the trip by passing by Hiranosawa Pond and heading back from Chiyokawa takes about 3 hours. It is said that by paying respects to each of the seven gods, you will be granted a lifetime of good luck.


Temples of the Seven Lucky Gods (blue)

1.Jinnōji 神応寺 (じんのうじ)

2.Yōsenji 養仙寺 (ようせんじ)

3.Zōhōji 蔵宝寺 (ぞうほうじ)

4.Konkōji 金光寺 (こんこうじ)

5.Kōunji 耕雲寺 (こううんじ)

6.Gokurakuji 極楽寺 (ごくらくじ)

7.Tōkōji 東光寺 (とうこうじ)


Other Sites On the Way (yellow)

a. Atago Jinja 愛宕神社

b. Nanatanigawa 七谷川

c. Izumo Shrine 出雲大神宮

d. Hiranosawa Pond 平の沢池


Map 地図 (外部サイトへリンク)

Course Suggestion

Exit JR Kameoka Station from the North Exit (北口 kitaguchi)and follow the street around the corner until you reach a stoplight across from a large bridge. This is Hozu Bridge (保津橋) hozubashi). Cross the bridge and follow the road until you reach a stoplight. Turn right at the stoplight. This street will take you past Hozu Elementary School and the Hozu Post Office. After you pass the Bishōmon bus stop (毘沙門), you should see a sign on your right for Jinnōji (神応寺). Yōsenji (養仙寺) is located nearby, just past this sign.

If you follow the path out of Yōsenji up past Atago Shrine, you will come to a T junction. Turn right, and follow the path along Nanatanigawa River (七谷川).There are toilets and places to rest here.

Cross the wooden bridge to the other side of the river. There may be a fence to keep animals out, but look for the sign that says “Temples of the 7 Lucky Gods Hiking Trail” (七福神巡り) and pass through. Be sure to return the entryway to the way it was.

Follow this narrow road to Zōhōji (蔵宝寺). Following the pathway in front of the temple will take you back to the main road, Highway 25 (府道25). When you reach it, turn right and continue your journey.

About 100 meters from the bus stop Nakamura (中村), the pathway leading to Kongōji (金光寺) will be on your right. From there, the path to Kōunji (耕雲寺) will take you up into the mountains.

When finished at Kōunji, return to the main road and turn right. Walk for a while and you will pass a small pond on your right that lies in front of Izumo Shrine (出雲大神宮). Although not on the tour of the Temples of the 7 Lucky Gods” tour, it is a beautiful shrine.

Take the first right after passing a bus stop (the 4th right after passing the pond). This will take you up a narrow road to Gokurakuji (極楽寺). Take the road in front of Gokurakuji back to the main road when you are finished. Turn right and walk for a while. Just in front of the Oguchi (小口) bus stop, there will be a turn off on your right. Follow this street to the final stop, Tōkōji (東光寺).To return, take the main road, highway 25, up to Hiranosawa Pond (平の沢池 hiranosawa ike). Turn left at the intersection marked Ikejiri (池尻). This is Highway 405. Follow this for about 1 km until you reach a stoplight. Turn right at the stoplight and continue along the street for another kilometer. Cross the train tracks and take the immediate left which will lead you to JR Chiyokawa Station.

For a shorter trip, you can take the Kameoka Furusato Bus out to the furthest temple and make your way back or you can take a bus back from the furthest temple after starting out from JR Kameoka Station.

Kameoka Furusato Bus Information 



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