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Updated:September 28, 2021


Kameoka City Monthly Newsletter
Easy Japanese/English Edition
広報かめおか やさしい日本語版・英語版


The Easy Japanese and English Edition of KIRARI☆KAMEOKA published since January 2014 has undergone a renewal and will be re-published as the “Kameoka City Monthly Newsletter Easy Japanese / English Digest”.

With this new edition, we will share information of Kameoka's news, events, tourism in a way that is more reader friendly. Thank you very much for your continued readership.




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英語でのお問い合わせは、亀岡市役所の 文化国際課の 国際交流員(CIR)へ
English Contact: CIR (kokusai koryuin)
Office: Bunka Kokusai Ka (文化国際課), Kameoka City Hall, 5F
TEL: 0771-55-9655
E-Mail: bunka-kokusai@city.kameoka.lg.jp

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