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Updated:March 31, 2020


Kameoka Fly Bag Project

Kameoka Fly Bag Project: Fly Bag Workshop.

"From this giant patchwork let's make our very own bags."


With Kameoka’s “Zero Plastic Waste” announcement as its foundation, Kameoka’s “Kiri Artisan Festival” launched the “Kameoka FLY BAG Project”.

The purpose of this event is to transform the cloth of the giant paraglider (symbolizing environment awareness) into stylish Eco Bags; a way to reduce usage of plastic bags.

At this time, a workshop where the giant paraglider will be cut up, patched and sewn together into smaller Eco Bags, will be held.

※Staff will sew the bags.

※Around 60 minutes are required.


Previous Event:

The donated paraglider flying event took place at Kameoka Station North Entrance on July 6thand 7th 2019.

Current Event:

The previously flown “Fly Bag” paraglider will be cut up and made into “Eco Bags”.

FLY BAG Project(フライバッグプロジェクト)              

The "Fly Bag" that soared through the Kameoka Sky (July 6th,7th)

 Event Time

  • October 19 2019 (Saturday)



Name Galleria Kameoka
Adress Kameoka, Amarubecho, Takarakubo 1-1
Phone Number 0771-29-2700
Fax 0771-25-5881
Website http://www.galleria.or.jp/( External link )( Displayed in another window )


Participant Limits

Anyone can participate (elementary schoolers and younger must be accompanied by a parent and or guardian).

First 200 people that arrive ("first come, first serve" policy. reservations are unavailable).


Admission Fee

\1000 per person (tax included)

Application Process

Reservations are unavailable.

We reccomend that you arrive before or during the event in order to participate.


Kameoka City・"Kiri Arts Festival" Executive Commitee

Related Links

https://kameoka-kiri.jp/calender/kirimarche2/( External link )


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Lifelong Learning Division・Sports and Culture Section・Internation Relations

8 Nonogami, Yasumachi, Kameoka, Kyoto

Phone: 0771-25-5055

FAX: 0771-22-6372

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