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Updated:March 31, 2018


Mayor's Profile市長のプロフィール

Mayor of Kameoka Katsuragawa Takahiro 亀岡市長 桂川孝裕

市長Born 1963 (Showa 38) February 10th

Birthplace: Gifu Prefecture

Graduated from Tokyo University of Agriculture, (Faculty of Regional Environment Science) Department of Landscape Architecture

1987 Employed as a municipal officer in the city of Kameoka

1988 Transferred to the Incorporated Foundation Kameoka Ryokka* Association

1993 Assumed the Chief of Secretariat Position at the Incorporated Foundation Kameoka Ryokka* Association

2003 Elected as a council member of Kameoka City Council

2007 Elected as a council member of Kyoto Prefectural Assembly

2011 Re-elected as a council member of Kyoto Prefectural Assembly

2015 Inaugurated as the 7th Mayor of the city of Kameoka

*Ryokka is composed of two words, "Midori" & "Hana"

As "Midori" means “green” and "Hana" means “flower”, the name of this association reflects their goal to develop the city's green landscape where tree planting and flowering plants are of equal importance.




東京農業大学農学部(現 地域環境科学部)造園科卒業

   昭和62年 亀岡市職員に採用

   昭和63年 財団法人亀岡市都市緑花協会へ出向

   平成5年  財団法人亀岡市都市緑花協会事務局長に就任

   平成15年 亀岡市議会議員当選

   平成19年 京都府議会議員当選

   平成23年 京都府議会議員再選

   平成27年 第7代亀岡市長に就任

Hobbies   趣味

Gardening ガーデニング

The Art of Flower Arrangement ・ Tea Ceremony 華道・茶道

Fishing フィッシング

Favourite Motto   座右の銘

Loose Trans.: From intent to success, the key is to never give up until the very end

志成最諦 (Shi sei sai tai)


Coined by Konosuke Matsushita (Industrialist and Founder of Panasonic). I believe he meant to convey that whatever the matter may be, once one forms a resolution and starts to act towards that purpose, one must not easily give up upon encountering hiccups and failures along the way. The faint-hearted who quit and crumble because of one or two failures will never truly be able to accomplish anything. With the right cause and will to see it to fruition, leaders must never give up until the very end as long as there remains a 1 percent chance.


松下幸之助先生の造語。何事によらず、志を立てて事を始めたら、少々うまくいかないとか、 失敗したというようなことで、簡単にあきらめてしまってはいけないと思う。 1度や2度の失敗でくじけたり、あきらめるというような心弱いことでは、 本当に物事を成し遂げていくことはできない。 ひとたび大義名分を立て、志を持って事にあたる以上、 指導者は1パーセントでも可能性が残っている限り、 最後の最後まで諦めてはいけないと思う。




英語でのお問い合わせは、亀岡市役所の 文化・スポーツ課の 国際交流員(CIR)へ
English Contact: CIR (kokusai koryuin)
Office: Bunka Sports Ka (文化・スポーツ課), Kameoka City Hall, 3F
TEL: 0771-25-5055
E-Mail: sports-suisin@city.kameoka.kyoto.jp

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