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Sister Cities ・ Friendship City    姉妹 ・ 友好交流都市

In 1955, Kameoka declared itself as a “City of World Peace.” Since then, hoping for world peace, the city has successfully developed sister city and friendship city relationships with the four cities described below in an endeavor to create an environment through international exchange in which citizens develop an international mindset.


Knittelfeld,Austria (Sister City Contract signed April 14, 1964)
クニッテルフェルト市 (昭和39年4月14日 姉妹都市盟約締結)


Knittelfeld is surrounded by mountains and is located in a basin at 645 meters above sea level.

With a population of 12,000, it is a very small city, but it has an abundance of beautiful, natural scenery. Main industries include sightseeing based on the natural environment, animal husbandry, dairy products, and railway cars.



◆City of Knittelfeld's website クニッテルフェルト市 ホームページ http://www.knittelfeld.at(外部サイトへリンク)


Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA (Sister City Contract signed November 3, 1985)
スティルウォーター市 (昭和60年11月3日 姉妹都市盟約締結)


About 100 km northeast of the state capital, Oklahoma City, it is best known as the location of Oklahoma State University. 

The population of Stillwater is approximately 47,000 people, but about half of the population are either students or people related to the university. Stillwater, with its academic atmosphere, and scenery resplendent with greenery and lakes, is an ideal place to live in.



◆City of Stillwater's website スティルウォーター市 ホームページ http://www.stillwater.org/(外部サイトへリンク)


Jandira, Brazil (Sister City Contract signed November 3, 1985)
ジャンヂーラ市 (昭和60年11月3日 姉妹都市盟約締結)


Jandira is located about 32 km to the Northwest of Sao Paulo city, the capital of Sao Paulo state.

It is 726 meters above sea level and has a hilly landscape. Though it has four seasons, the seasons are the opposite of those in Japan.

It has a population of about 140,000 people, as well as a large population of people of Japanese descent. It is also known as the bedroom town of San Paulo city.




◆City of Jandira's website ジャンヂーラ市 ホームページ http://www.jandira.sp.gov.br(外部サイトへリンク)


Suzhou, China (Friendship Exchange City Contract signed December 31, 1991)
蘇州市 (平成8年12月31日 友好交流都市盟約締結)


Located approximately 90km west of Shanghai, Suzhou is also close to Lake Tai and canals run like lattice work throughout the city. Small boats travel along the canals and under arched bridges.

It is also the location of many beautiful ancient sites and is known as a site of natural beauty. It is famous as a city with a long history, and was the site of a capital city approximately 2,500 years ago, during the Spring and Autumn Period of Chinese history.  



◆City of Suzhou's website 蘇州市 ホームページ http://www.suzhou.gov.cn(外部サイトへリンク)


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