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Updated:March 31, 2018


  Kyoto CIRs Blog  京都府国際交流員共同ブログ

This blog is written by 5 Coordinators for International Relations (CIRs) participating in the JET Programme in Kyoto Prefecture, and is aimed at spreading awareness and understanding about the goals and the activities of the CIRs working for local authorities in Kyoto Prefecture.
By writing about the events we create or participate in, the work we do and our roles within our contracting organizations, we hope to deepen and broaden multicultural understanding.




英語でのお問い合わせは、亀岡市役所の 文化・スポーツ課の 国際交流員(CIR)へ
English Contact: CIR (kokusai koryuin)
Office: Bunka Sports Ka (文化・スポーツ課), Kameoka City Hall, 3F
TEL: 0771-25-5055
E-Mail: sports-suisin@city.kameoka.kyoto.jp

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