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Updated:March 31, 2018


Kuwayama Jinja   鍬山神社 

Built in 709, Kuwayama Jinja was long protected by the feudal lords of Kameyama Castle. This shrine's long history and close proximity to Kameyama Castle established a strong relationship between the feudal lords and the citizens of the town. It was also an ideal location for the fall festival (the Kameoka Festival held in October). It honors the Shinto God credited with creating the Tamba region in which Kameoka is located. The area where Kameoka sits now was once a lake. It is said that a Shinto God dug a path through the mountains with a hoe, which drained the lake and became the Hozugawa River. This shrine is named after that act (in Japanese, kuwa means "hoe" and yama means  "mountain"). Registered as a national cultural asset, Kuwayama Shrine is famous for its maple trees. The leaves turn such brilliant colors in the fall that the shrine seems as if it is surrounded by fire.


From Kameoka Station

  • Take the Kameoka Community Bus to the 鍬山神社前 kuwayama jinja mae bus stop.

Kuwayama Jinja  鍬山神社


英語でのお問い合わせは、亀岡市役所の 文化・スポーツ課の 国際交流員(CIR)へ
English Contact: CIR (kokusai koryuin)
Office: Bunka Sports Ka (文化・スポーツ課), Kameoka City Hall, 3F
TEL: 0771-25-5055
E-Mail: sports-suisin@city.kameoka.kyoto.jp

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