Updated:March 31, 2018


Anaōji   穴太寺

Anaōji is the 21st of the 33 Shingon sect Buddhist temples in the Kansai area dedicated to Kannon, the bodhisattva of compassion. The temple boasts one of the most beautiful gardens in the Tamba region.


The main hall of Anaōji enshrines a wooden statue of the Shaka Nehan Buddha (the enlightened Siddhartha Gautama), which is said to have healing powers if you touch the statue on the spot where you feel pain in your body.



From JR Kameoka Station

  • Take Keihan Kyoto Bus 34 or 59 to Anaōji mae (穴太寺前)
  • Take Keihan Kyoto Bus 57 or 60 to Anaōguchi (穴太口). It is a 15 minute walk.

From JR Namikawa Station

  • Take the Furusato Bus F51 to Anaōji mae (穴太寺前)

Anaōji   穴太寺


英語でのお問い合わせは、亀岡市役所の 文化・スポーツ課の 国際交流員(CIR)へ
English Contact: CIR (kokusai koryuin)
Office: Bunka Sports Ka (文化・スポーツ課), Kameoka City Hall, 3F
TEL: 0771-25-5055
E-Mail: sports-suisin@city.kameoka.kyoto.jp

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