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Updated:March 31, 2020


 Festivals   お祭り

 January 3:  Fukutabae (at Anaōji Temple)     福給絵 


For good luck in the new year, people try to catch lucky red pieces of paper, which are thrown from the temple roof among white pieces at a ratio of 3/1000. It is said that catching one of the red pieces of paper will grant a lifetime of happiness and wealth.  

Access to Anaōji temple

From JR Kameoka Station

  • Take Keihan Kyoto Bus 57 or 60 to Anaōguchi (穴太口). The temple is a 15 minute walk from the bus stop.

From JR Namikawa Station

  • Take Kameoka Furusato Bus route F51 to Anaōji mae (穴太寺前).

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 April 18:  Flower Festival (at Izumo Daijingū)    花鎮祭 


The Flower Festival (花鎮祭 hana shizume no matsuri), is an elegant dance festival that began as a ceremony praying for rain. Dancers beat on small drums and wear hats decorated with flowers of all seasons.

Access to Izumo Daijingū

From JR Kameoka Station 

  • Take Kameoka Furusato Bus Route F11 to Izumo jinja mae (出雲神社前).

 May 3:  Kameoka Mitsuhide Festival (Downtown Kameoka )   亀岡光秀まつり


Held on May 3rd, this festival commemorates the virtue of Akechi Mitsuhide, a lord of this region and builder of Kameyama Castle in the latter half of the 16th Century. The festivities include a parade of people dressed in costumes from Japan’s feudal era.


The festival parade is held in downtown Kameoka, just a short walk from the south exit of JR Kameoka Station. 

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 August 6 and 7:  Kameoka Peace Festival   亀岡平和祭 

August 6: Dance Festival  亀岡大踊り大会

Kameoka has held the Peace Festival every year since being designated a City of Peace on June 28, 1955. The Dance Festival (Obon Dance) is held on August 6th on Kunitteru Dōri to pray for world peace. Residents and visitors from all over come together and dance in a giant circle in the middle of the street. Anyone is free to join the dance.


August 7: Hozugawa River Fireworks Festival 


On the 7th, the Peace Festival fireworks display lights up the sky with 5,000 fireworks.


Both of these festivals are a short walk from JR Kameoka Station. The Dance Festival is held on Kunitteru Dōri, just a 5 minute walk from the south exit of JR Kameoka Station. The Hozugawa River Fireworks can be seen all over Kameoka but most people gather outside the north exit of JR Kameoka Station.

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 August 14: Saeki Lantern Festival  (at Hiedano Jinja shrine)   佐伯灯籠


The Saeki Lantern Festival (佐伯灯籠 saeki dōrō) was started to pray for a good rice harvest, and celebrates the delivery of stone lanterns from the Imperial Palace of Kyoto to Hiedano Jinja (薭田野神社). The Jōruri Puppet Theater uses puppets that are 30 cm tall and performs in the Saeki area.


Access to Hiedano Jinja

From JR Kameoka Station

  • Take Keihan Kyoto Bus route 40 to Kokudō saeki (国道佐伯).

From Undō Kōen Taaminaru (Kameoka Sports Park) 

  • Take Kameoka Furusato Bus route F31, F32, F33 or F34 to Kokudō Saeki (国道佐伯)

 October 20:  Hozu Fire Festival (at Uketa Jinja shrine)   保津の火まつり


50 people dressed in ceremonial clothing carry drums and offerings around a large bonfire before presenting the offerings to the gods of the shrine. It is believed that feeling the warmth from this fire will bless you with good health for the year.


Access to Uketa Jinja  (請田神社)

 From JR Kameoka Station

  • Take Kameoka Furusato Bus route F11 to Hozu (保津)

 October 23-25:  Kameoka Festival   亀岡祭


An autumn festival that has been carried out since the feudal era, the Kameoka Festival closely resembles Kyoto’s Gion Matsuri: each neighborhood displays its own unique yamaboko (festival shrine). The yamaboko are decorated with lanterns, and musicians sit in them playing traditional instruments. They also hold a stamp rally each year. Collect a stamp at each of the eleven yamaboko locations and receive a special prize!




The festival takes place in downtown Kameoka, a short walk from the south exit of JR Kameoka Station. 

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