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Updated:May 2, 2018


Coordinator for International Relations 国際交流員

As a part of the JET Program, there is one Coordinator of International Relations working at Kameoka City Hall. A native speaker of English, she is involved in the promotion of international exchange and multicultural events in the city.

If you need assistance at city hall, please contact the Coordinator of International Relations. (TEL: 0771-25-5055     Email: sports-suisin@city.kameoka.lg.jp


また、英語での 通訳が 必要なとき、国際交流員に 連絡してください。 (TEL: 0771-25-5055     Email: sports-suisin@city.kameoka.lg.jp)

Michelle Leong (ミシェル・リオング)

Location 配属

Culture and Sports Section



Citizenship 国籍

Canada (Richmond, BC)


メッセージ Message

こんにちは。2015年8月から国際交流員として亀岡市の市民力推進課 文化・国際交流係に配属になりましたミシェル・リオングと申します。シンガポールで生まれて、カナダに移住し、約9年間カナダのブリティッシュコロンビア州のメトロバンクーバーにあるリッチモンド市に住んでおりました。

Hello, my name is Michelle Leong and as of August 2015, I am the new Coordinator for International Relations at Kameoka city. I was born in Singapore but have lived in Richmond, a city located in the Greater Vancouver Area of British Columbia, Canada, for about 9 years.



メトロバンクーバーというのはカナダのブリティッシュコロンビア州南西部にある地方行政区です。沿岸地域で、夏は涼しく、冬は暖かいところです。当地方にはバンクーバー市、リッチモンド市も位置しています。バンクーバー市は特に大自然に囲まれた都会で、人気のある住みやすい町として知られています。メトロバンクーバーの人口はおおよそ2,470,300人ですが、面積は2,877.36 km2で、9,000,000人以上の人口を抱える東京の23区の4.5倍です。バンクーバーは、2010年の冬季オリンピックの開催都市で、多文化共生社会で、様々なウィンタースポーツとマリンスポーツのできる都会、または世界各国の料理を味わうことができる都市として有名です。

Metro Vancouver is located in the north-east region of the province of British Columbia. As a coastal region, metro Vancouver enjoys cool summers and warm winters. The cities of Vancouver and Richmond are located in this region. As an urban area surrounded by beautiful nature, Vancouver is known for being a highly popular and very livable city. While the population of metro Vancouver only amounts to about 2,470,300 people, its land area of 2,877.36 km2 is 4.5 times larger than Tokyo 23 special wards which contain a population of over 9,000,000 people. Vancouver is also famous for hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics, for its multicultural diversity, for its variety of winter and water sports, and for its mouth-watering international cuisine.



Richmond city is located to the south of Vancouver city. As most immigrants come from Hong Kong, Richmond is also locally known as a “mini Hong-Kong” which boasts some of the most delicious Chinese cuisine.


In 2014, I graduated from the University of British Columbia (UBC) and spent the year working at the head office of JTB International (Canada) Ltd. I majored in History and Japanese at UBC. I started studying Japanese in my first year and from then on, also became interested in Japanese culture and history. My ever-increasing interest in Japan eventually led to a one-semester exchange program at Keio University and most of my extracurricular activities were related to Japan in some form as well. I also enjoyed participating in local Japanese celebrations in Vancouver as a volunteer.



Following that, in order to further increase my exposure to foreign cultures, I also went to the University of Nottingham in England in 2012 as part of another one-semester exchange program. A year after that, I went on to work onboard the “Sun Princess” cruise ship, on a Japan itinerary, for 3 months.


そういった海外の経験を通して、旅行が大好きになりました。しかし、日常生活では本を片手にリラックスし、それが読み終わったら、ドキュメンタリーか「Doctor Who」や「Sherlock」というイギリス番組の再放送を見ることに一番幸せを感じます。

I came to love travelling after my experiences abroad. However, when it comes to everyday life, I am the happiest with a book in my hand, and after that watching a documentary, or Doctor Who and Sherlock re-runs.


There are a great many things I would like to do in Kameoka. However, aside from the famous Hozu-gawa River Boat Ride and Yu no Hana Onsen etc., I would love to taste and enjoy all kinds of famous and local cuisine.


It is a great honor for me to take on the position of Kameoka city’s Coordinator for International Relations as part of the JET programme. I look forward to interacting with the people of Kameoka and the deepening of our mutual understanding of foreign cultures, as well as forging a closer bond with everyone.

Former CIR(2013-2015) 前国際交流員: Eric Chan (エリック・チャン)


Citizenship 国籍

Australia (Melbourne, Victoria)


Former CIR (2008 - 2013) 元国際交流員: Margaret Mann (マーガレット・マン)


国籍 Citizenship


U.S.A (Kansas City, Missouri)




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