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Updated:July 3, 2020


Coordinator for International Relations 国際交流員

As a part of the JET Program, there is one Coordinator of International Relations working at Kameoka City Hall. A native speaker of English, they are involved in the promotion of international exchange and multicultural events in the city.

If you need assistance at city hall, please contact the Coordinator of International Relations. (TEL: 0771-55-9655,Email: bunka-kokusai@city.kameoka.lg.jp


また、英語での 通訳が 必要なとき、国際交流員に 連絡してください。 (TEL: 0771-55-9655,電子メール: bunka-kokusai@city.kameoka.lg.jp)

Samuel Zeid(サミュエル・ジード)                                                Current CIR  現在国際交流員                                                   

Location 配属

Culture & International Relations Section



Citizenship 国籍

Canada (Toronto, ON)


Message メッセージ


Hello, My name is Samuel Zeid and starting from August 2019, I am the new CIR for Kameoka city. Having lived most of my life in Toronto, Canada. I find it quite exciting to be starting a new life in Kameoka.


Having had an in interest in Japanese culture since I was a high school student, I decided to study Cultural Anthropology in University. Although my classes were interesting, just reading about Japanese culture didn't feel meaningful enough. In order to really understand the culture, I went on exchange to Hyogo prefecture's Nishinomiya city for my 3rd year of University.


As for my interests. Since I was 16 I have had many kinds of restaurant related jobs. As a result, I often enjoy cooking new recipes. For other hobbies, if I can find a few other people to play with, I quite enjoy mahjong as well.


To be employed in a Japanese work environment has been a dream of mine ever since I was a high school student. Now that I have made such a dream a reality I will work my hardest for the residents of Kameoka.

Michelle Leong(ミシェル・リオング)                                          Former CIR (2015-2019) 元国際交流員                                  


Citizenship 国籍

Canada (Richmond, BC)


Eric Chan(エリック・チャン)                                                     Former CIR (2013-2015) 元国際交流員                                         


Citizenship 国籍

Australia (Melbourne, Victoria)


Margaret Mann(マーガレット・マン)                                          Former CIR (2008 - 2013) 元国際交流員                            


Citizenship 国籍

 U.S.A. (Kansas City, Missouri)






To read about international exchange activities of CIRs in Kyoto prefecture, please click on the link below.


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